abc Virginia Public Auto Auction Special Announcement

Due to inclement weather making it unsafe for travel in and around Virginia Beach, VA.
abc Virginia Auto Auction will be closing at 3:00PM on Friday, January 6th 2017.

The Saturday, January 7th, 2017 Auction has been canceled.

We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to serving you again on Saturday, January 14th, 2017.

Please be safe if you are travelling during this Weather Event.

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Public Auction Saturday 10AM

Public Auction Policies & Procedures


Please read all policies carefully.

They are designed to inform you and protect buyers and sellers equally.

Please listen carefully to ALL announcements. Everything we know about the vehicle will be announced by the auctioneer and will also be displayed on the monitor above the auctioneer’s stand.

Subject to seller’s approval, the last bidder is LEGALLY OBLIGATED to purchase the vehicle.

Once your bid is accepted the auctioneer will ask you to come up and sign your paperwork, then someone will escort you into the main office where you will be required to leave a non-refundable down payment.

A Down Payment MUST be made at the time of purchase! We require $500 or 10% whichever is greater on sale day at the time of purchase.

Payments can be made with cash, cashier check, money order, debit card, or credit cards. We accept all cards. All Credit Card and Debit Card payments will have a 5% Convenience Fee added to the transaction.

All Mercedes, BMW, Land Rover and Jaguars will be sold "AS-IS".

Full payment must be received by the following Tuesday no later than NOON. Once the vehicle is paid for in full all sales are final. If you fail to pay the balance of the vehicle at that time, you forfeit your down payment.

There will be is Buy Fee added to any and all vehicles purchased! The vehicles at ABC Auto Auction do not belong to the auction, and we will charge a buy fee to anyone purchasing a vehicle at auction.

ABC Virginia Public Auto Auction is not responsible for lost or stolen items or damages that may occur while your vehicle is on our property.


RED LIGHT - Buyer Beware

Vehicles sold with a red light are sold “AS-IS”. Buyer Beware please listen carefully to any announcements made at time of sale! All Sales are Final when sold Red Light. Vehicles may still be cancelled if the seller failed to announce a condition which is required by federal law, such as: Odometer Issues - Frame Damage - Unibody Damage - Flood Damage


This indicates that the vehicle title is currently not at our facility. This is not necessarily bad thing and does happen occasionally. You will see a TA on the screen or a blue light flashing with “T/A” displayed which means “Title Absent”. The seller has 30 days to turn in a title to the auction and we will pass it on to you. If the title is not turned in within 30 days you can return the vehicle for a full refund or wait longer for the title to arrive.